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Analytics & AI (AAI)


Analytics & AI provides timely and accurate data, analytics, reporting solutions and insights to support the University’s strategy, planning, reporting and decision-making processes. We make our work available via the University DataCommons as well as customized services, reports and projects for stakeholders and working groups.

More specifically, AAI:

  • Collaborates with academic and administrative departments across the university to: identify data sources, identify data quality issues, improve data quality and management, build a data catalog, standardize data definitions, identify and acquire new datasets, develop a centralized data depository using a “data lake” approach, and develop integrated data platforms and information sharing tools.
  • Provides institutional research services and support for federal, state, programmatic and survey reporting.
  • Promotes and advances a culture of data usage, data literacy, data transparency, data integrity, data management, and data access and sharing aligned with user roles and data needs.
  • Provides end user training to the university community on the decision support tools and solutions provided.

AAI offers the following services:

  • Descriptive/Diagnostic/Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • External and Internal Reporting
  • Data Collection, Aggregation, and Analysis
  • University-wide Data Strategy
  • Advocate Data Quality and Integrity
  • Data Knowledge base
  • External Data Acquisition
  • Best Practice & Knowledge Management
  • Thought Leadership

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