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Administrative Unit Assessment

Administrative assessment at Virginia Tech is the process by which administrative offices (including academic and student-support services, research, and community/public services areas) engage in and document cycles of continuous improvement.

Engaging in the administrative assessment process affords units the opportunity to systematically improve the quality of their processes and use assessment data to guide planning and decision-making across the institution.

The administrative assessment process focuses on developing meaningful outcomes, measuring those outcomes, examining the results in relation to established targets, developing plans for improvement, implementing those plans, and evaluating resulting changes.

Administrative units complete an annual report for the Institutional Effectiveness unit in the Office of Analytics & Institutional Effectiveness. Reports are due on September 1, annually. Units are asked to use the Administrative Assessment Template for submission of results. This template is sent electronically to all Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, and Deans for dissemination in advance of the submission deadline.