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Data & Analytics Infrastructure (DAI)


Data & Analytics Infrastructure strives to provide the technical infrastructure and expertise to support the production of advanced analytics and valuable insights. We are responsible for the development of a centralized, integrated decision support system termed the University DataCommons (UDC). The UDC provides strategic and operational insights to managers and decision makers throughout the university community.

More specifically, Data and Analytics Infrastructure:

  • Identifies and acquires new technologies and tools to support and further the University’s academic data and analytic needs
  • Develop data products and solutions that provide insightful analysis and analytics to support decision-making
  • Provide training for end-users and developers on the University DataCommons analytics platform

Data and Analytics Infrastructure offers the following services:

  • Data Architecture and Management Solutions
  • Analytic Infrastructure and Tool Sets
  • Decision Support Applications and Processes
  • Academic Data Platforms and Solutions
  • Data Visualization Solutions